Handmade Paper Watermark

Handmade Papermaking was developed in China around 100 B.C. Up until only the last century, hand-papermaking was a common occupation which has since been replaced by automated machinery.

Dard Hunter and Fabiano Paper Company have made LIght -And-Shade images using nothing but wet cotton pulp. Watermarks are beautiful and much more special than regular paper. I am striving to make near photo quality watermarks in handmade paper and incorporating contemporary pictures as the watermarks in the paper. Watermarks are both a form of security and an artform.

Just as a handwritten letter is more personal then a computer letter, a photo watermark makes whatever is written on this handmade paper extremely special and historically collectible.

There are no chemicals used to create the watermarked paper with photo images, nor any printing, nor photo emulsions of any kind…ONLY cotton and water.

Light and shade is near photo-quality pictures that are watermarks in the handmade cotton paper… There are no chemicals used to create the watermark images, nor any printing or photo emulsions of any kind… just cotton and water.